Po prvi put će u Banjaluci biti održan Međunarodni sajam nekretnina i investicija – “Banjaluka Invest Real Estate Expo 2017”, a zakazan je za period od 4. do 6. septembra ove godine.
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BLIRE – New EXPO in Banja Luka causing great interest

The Ministry of Economic Relations and Regional Cooperation, the Chamber of Commerce and the Fund for Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency of RS supported the organization of the international real estate and investment fair “Banja Luka Invest Real Estate Expo 2017”, which will be held from 24-26th November in the premises of the “Banja Luka Fair”.

The organizer of the fair, which is being held for the first time in BiH, Predrag Tešić states that day after day they are getting more and more support and reminds that the unique EXPO event was previously supported by the Ministry of Trade and Tourism of RS.

– Every day the number of exhibitors increases and he will surely grow, because many are waiting for the last moment for the application. The Ministry of Trade and Tourism of the RS has provided free stands for all municipalities and cities that want to present their projects and potentials – said Tešić.

In addition to the exhibition part of the BLIRE 2017, panel discussions will also be held, and the topics of the first ones are defined, which will refer to the issuance of municipal bonds and the possession of BFC certificates, as crucial for attracting investments in local communities. During the fair, the European Enterprise Network will also be presented and visitors will also have the opportunity to listen about energy efficiency.

-At the same time with the agencies and other entities dealing with the traffic of real estate will be formed an association of real estate agents, and we will also initiate the adoption of the law on mediation in the traffic and leasing of real estate. This law will introduce the order in the real estate brokerage sector. We are already preparing a proposal for the draft of this law, on the basis of which the real estate agents will be formed”, Tešić said.